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Marco P. Valli (b. 1989) is an Italian photographer based in Milan.
After graduating in 2009 from the Art Institute of Monza, where he began to approach photography, in 2010 he attended the Art Academy of Brera before specializing in 2011 at CFP Bauer, a photography school in Milan.
In March of the same year he began an internship at CESURA, an independent group of photographers founded in 2008 that produces photographic projects ranging from reportage to documentary photography and research. After this period he became part of the group as photographer and internal contributor.
Marco has been part of CESURA until January 2016, producing personal and collective projects.
In November 2017, after a few years of research into the subject of sexuality, he made his first book along with Anna Adamo and published by Cesura Publish: Bakeca, a photographic research on exhibitionism as a form of sexual expression.
In 2018, together with Luca Santese, he developed the project Realpolitik, a satirical analysis of the Italian political situation after the elections of March 4, 2018, which is published periodically through a series of volumes.
Marco’s works have been published by national and international magazines such as TIME, L’Espresso, Internazionale, Vanity Fair, Vice, Il Corriere della Sera, La Stampa and Il Sole 24h.
Currently he’s still producing individual projects, focusing his work mainly on documentary photography and research in artistic sector.



Marco P. Valli

October 7th, 1989


Contacts: / m. +39 377 1774621 /

Languages: Italian, English

Social media: IG: @marco.p.valli / FB: Marco P. Valli


2004 – 2009: Diploma in Visual Arts at Monza Art Institute – Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 1, Monza (MB) – Italy

2009 – 2010: Experience in Graphics at Brera Academy of Fine Arts – Via Brera, 28, Milan (MI) – Italy

2010 – 2011: Attestation as Photographer at CFP Bauer – Via Soderini, 24, Milan (MI) – Italy


2011 – 2012: Internship at CESURA and assistantship to Alex Majoli (Magnum Photos)

2013 – 2016: Photographer at CESURA

2016 – Today: Freelance Photographer


Lega Nord Party (2018) Published by Cesura Publish

Popolopopolo (2018) Published by Cesura Publish

Boys Boys Boys – Second Edition (2018) Published by Cesura Publish

Boys Boys Boys (2018) Published by Cesura Publish

Bakeca book (2017) Published by Cesura Publish

CESURA Fanzine #01 (2015) Published by Cesura Publish

CESURA Fanzine #00 (2012) Published by Cesura Publish



Bollito Magro. Cesura Photobuster – DOM Art Space, Palermo.

Bakeca (screening). Cesura X – Macao, Milan

Bakeca book. Athens Photo Festival 2018 – Photobook exhibition. Benaki Museum, Athens.

Cesura 10 Years (collective). Milano Photoweek 2018, BASE, Milan.

Bakeca (screening and book signing). Azoto – projects & communication, Palermo.

Bakeca (screening and book signing). Jest Fotografia, Turin


Bakeca (exhibition and official book launch). Spazio AX, Milan

Bakeca (book launch and signing). Milano Art Book Fair – The Art Chapter, BASE, Milan

Bakeca (book launch and signing). Polycopies, Bateau Concorde-Atlantique, Paris

Bakeca (The sex issue launch – VANDALS N°2). Museum of Sex, 233 Fifth Avenue, NYC

CESURA collective screening. Milano Photoweek opening, BASE, Milan

Out of tune #3 / BOUNDER – Atti di insana bellezza (collective exhibition). Galleria Lampo – Santeria Social Club, Milan

Bakeca (“Me, you, us in a paraphilic continuum” collective exhibition). HomeMade Gallery, Milan



TIME – The new face of Europe (COVER)

La Stampa (Top News) online – Ghetto di Rignano

La Stampa – Ghetto di Rignano

Lezioni di fotografia n°18 – Oliviero Toscani, Corriere della Sera (Bakeca)

Lezioni di fotografia n°05 – Oliviero Toscani, Corriere della Sera (Lega Nord Party)

IL Magazine – Quei bravi ragazzi (text about Boys Boys Boys project)

Vice UK (Boys Boys Boys project interview)

Vanity Fair – L’era della Popolocrazia

Vice Italy (Boys Boys Boys project interview)

The Submarine (Bakeca project interview)


L’Espresso – Chi finanzia le campagne dell’estrema

C 41 Magazine (text about Bakeca project)

Vice IT (Bakeca interview)

Vandals volume N°2 – Sex issue (Bakeca)

Out of tune #3 – exhibition catalogue

Me, you, us in a paraphilic continuum – exhibition catalogue (Bakeca project)

Internazionale (Italian Ghettos)


VICE IT (Lega Nord party) assignment

DanWatch (Italian Ghettos)

VICE US (Italian Ghettos)

VICE IT (10 anni di nuovo Hip Hop italiano) assignment

VICE IT (Lega Nord party) assignment


VICE IT (Lega Nord party) assignment

VICE IT (L’uomo che sussurrava a Cavalli) assignment

VICE IT (L’immagine giusta del porno italiano) assignment

VICE IT (Lega Nord party) assignment

VICE IT (Buona camicia a tutti) assignment



Shortlisted for Premio Marco Pesaresi 2018 / SIFest (Realpolitik)

Athens Photo Festival 2018 – Photobook Exhibition (Bakeca book)

Shortlisted for Athens Photo Festival 2018 (Boys Boys Boys)

Zine Tonic Dummy Award (third prize)